artisan leather goods hand crafted in Boston

deWolfe leather goods are made with beauty and function in mind.

They're thoughtfully designed for day-to-day use and constructed using age-old techniques, ensuring quality and dependability.

The collection is timeless, tough, and incredibly versatile. 

Each item is a contemporary classic, hand crafted to last a lifetime in the modern world.

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about Gina deWolfe

deWolfe Leather Goods is a Boston based leather brand launched in 2015. The designer, known for using local materials and minimalist designs, uses leathersmith tools handed down from her grandfather to hand craft each piece in her studio boutique.

It began after deWolfe’s search for a sleek leather backpack came up empty, prompting her to make one herself. That single bag turned into dozens of orders, and the namesake brand was born.

Items in the classic collection range from her signature Wolfepack backpack, with gunmetal clasps and wax-thread stitching, to the Billie wrap bracelets, which feature custom embossing hammered in by deWolfe herself. 

The brand is rooted in timeless American craftsmanship with a sleek and modern touch.

All pieces are customizable, and custom orders are welcome.


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